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Weekly Maintenance

  • Skim and brush the pool and spa
  • Empty all the baskets, bags, and pump trap baskets
  • Check and adjust pool chemistry
  • Add appropriate chemicals
  • Backwash when needed
  • 45 point checklist to go through each visit
  • Email with pictures to provide customer detailed information about their individual pool maintenence for the week
  • 100% customizable to meet your pool and budget needs. 

Repairs to Pool Equipment

With over 20 years of repair experience, you can trust Powerhouse Pool Care and Repair with your pool equipment repairs big and small. From small leaks to updating the entire system, we can provide you with the information to make informed decisions about your equipment and perform the work in a timely manner. We would love to help you with you pool lights, pumps, motors, filters, valves, cleaners, heaters, automation, sanitation, and much more. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation today. 


At Powerhouse Pool Care and Repair, we know that understanding what is going on in your backyard is important to you. We offer pool schools where our most tenured technicians meet with you and take time to explain what the equipment does, how to operate it, and answer any questions you may have. We want you to have the confidence to operate your pool successfully! 

Pool Clean-Ups

Green pools can be a homeowner’s nightmare. Fortunately, we know just what to do to get you back up and running. Our team can evaluate and prescribe the most cost effective way to turn your pool around and deliver the treatment plan. We want you to be able to enjoy your back yard to the fullest!

Filter Breakdown

The filter may be the most important piece of pool equipment. It removes dirt and debris from the pool. Breaking down filters is a necessity to keep your water clean and clear.



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